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So called back-links from your site to ours are much appreciated and very valuable because they are one of the best ways to add to our reputation at the various search engines. This means it will be seen more often in search results and more people will find us and can get help. If you want to support us without any cost to you this is a good way to do it.

Maybe you have written a text about something you like that you found on our website. In that case, please link to that page. There are social media share links on the blog posts – it is very helpful if you use them as well.

You may also put our logo on your site to show your support for us. In this case it’s best if the link go to our start page:

If you know a little bit of web design, copy the below code and paste it into a blogpost, page or footer widget, a WordPress html-block or similar. This will automatically insert a the default Mentabee logo without slogan together with a safe back-link to our start page.

<a rel=”nofollow” href=""><img src="" width="180" height="95" alt="Mentabee logo"></a>

Thanks for linking back to us!


Logo 360
Default logo without slogan (180px wide)

Default logos with slogan

Logo 2 lines
Logo below 1 360
Box without slogan or padding
Logo below
Box with slogan and padding
logo circle greenback
White on green (300 square sv)

Transparent background (1k square, sv)

Transparent background (1k square, it)
Transparent background (1k square, en)
Icon 500
Icon in color

Icon #404040 (w padding)






For headers we use Bitter, designed by Sol Matas from Google.
Weight: Regular 400 for all sizes. Some exceptions occur, but they are exceptions.

For all other instances we use Merriweather Sans Designed by Sorkin Type also a google font.
Weights vary, but we tend to go towards the thinner end.

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